Weight Management

The Ultimate Health Weight Management Programme

This 6 week programme is designed to kick start your overall weight loss with professional treatments, healthy food plans, exercise programme and motivation. The programme is closely monitored by the clinic, with support throughout to help you be your Ultimate best.


Super Proud of this Beautiful Woman is an Understatement...Claire came to the Clinic.. Christmas Week 2022...today 6months later She is Down Nearly 5 Stone...Great Credit to Claire...Motivation & Determination has been incredible ❤️❤️


Our 6 week programme includes:

  • Food intolerance testing.

  • A calorie controlled food plan.

  • Colonic hydrotherapy.

  • Vitamin/Supplement guidance.

  • Food Diaries.

  • Weekly weigh in / measurements.

  • Exercise plans.

  • Support and Motivation throughout.

Body analysis monitor

We have now introduced this Composition Body Analysis Monitor to the Ultimate Health Clinic. It is an easy-to-use monitoring device that provides a detailed account of your body composition. It provides 10 different health measurements (plus segmented breakdown of body Fat/muscle %) including but not limited to:

It provides 10 different health measurements (plus segmented breakdown of body Fat/muscle %) including but not limited to:

  • ️Body Weight

  • Body Mass Index

  • ️Body Fat Percentage

  • Muscle Mass

  • Bone Mass

  • Metabolic Age

  • Visceral Fat Level

It is quick and easy to measure your fitness progress and overall wellbeing. All you must do is step on this Body Composition Monitor and grab the handles. Within 15 seconds, it will provide you with ten different health measurements. The machine uses advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It shows you separately the muscle and fat percentages of each of your arms and legs, as well as your trunk. This allows you to spot muscle imbalances and prevent injury.

What are the benefits of using the body analysis monitor?

  • 10 body composition measurements provided in 15 seconds

  • A unique body assessment providing essential information on the progress of the effectiveness of your training

  • Muscle and Fat % measurements given for your arms, legs and trunk area displayed in easy-to-read graphics

  • Fine tune your training program and set targets for increasing muscle and decreasing fat in your arms, legs, and trunk area

  • High resolution colour display including new improved easy-to-read analytical graphics

Kangen Water

What is Kangen Water?
Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.
The human body is comprised of 70% water, so it’s not much of a stretch to say that “the basis of vitality and long life is water.” If you want to feel good and be at your optimal health level, you should drink water on a daily basis. But not just any type of water.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/s70AsQ47vyg

kangen water

Strong Kangen Water / pH 11

Not for drinking. Strong Kangen Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits. Usage: food preparation and cleaning.

Kangen Water® / pH 8.5-9.5

This type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. This electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health. Usage: drinking, food preparation, coffee and tea, soups and stews, and watering plants.

Kangen Water® is also friendly to your budget and to the Environment. Forget about buying and storing all those expensive plastic water bottles!

Clean Water / pH 7

Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Neutral water is delicious drinking water. Usage: preparing baby food, taking medication.

Beauty Water / pH 4.0-6.0

Not for drinking. This slightly acidic water is recognized for its astringent effects. It's terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Usage: face wash, hair care, pet care, polishing, cleaning, and preserving frozen food.

Strong Acidic Water / pH 2.7

Not for drinking. This water has disinfecting properties. Use Strong Acidic Water to sanitize kitchen utensils, countertops, and more to prevent cross-contamination. Usages: cleaning and disinfecting, hygiene, and commercial operation.

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