Colonic Hydrotherapy

Also known as  colonic therapy / colon irrigation / high colonic or Colonic Hydrotherapy and it is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material by repeated gentle flushing with water.

Every body part is dependent on proper and efficient irrigation of its waste by-product. The colon (large intestine) is responsible for eliminating the largest volume of waste in the entire body. It only makes sense if the colon is not functioning properly - no other organ of the body can function properly.

The colon, or large intestine is the end portion of the human digestive tract (food carrying passageway extending from the mouth to the anus). The colon is approximately 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Its major functions are to eliminate waste and to conserve water. Also, there are bacteria living in the colon which synthesise valuable nutrients such as vitamins "K" and portions of vitamin "B" complex.

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What is the purpose of having a colonic?

Waste material especially that which has remained in the colon for some time, (i.e. impacted faeces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucus, parasites, worms, etc.), poses several problems.

First this material is quite toxic. These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill and tired.

Second, impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria-produced vitamins. A build-up of material on the colon wall can inhibit muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements, constipation, headaches, muscle pain, backaches, fatigue, bad breath, bad body odour, irritability, confusion, skin problems, abdominal gas, bloating, diarrhoea, sciatic pain and many more.

Our client base is very broad and diverse, treating both young and old.  There is no typical client profile. As the initial cause of problems varies so much, we work with all age groups of people. Despite the perception that most of our clients are female, the reality is that 40% of the individuals we treat are male. We regularly receive referrals from medicals practitioners and we supply doctors with reports as required.

What Is Involved?

After an initial consultation we advice our clients to prepare themselves for their treatment by undertaking the Ultimate Detox Plan for 1 week prior to their first colonic (see weight management).


This involves following a recommended diet which avoids certain foods and helps prepare your system and maximise the benefits of your treatment.


In a 30-45 minute session, approximately 15 gallons of water is used to gently flush the colon. Through appropriate use of massage and pressure points the colonic therapist is able to eliminate toxic waste from the body.

Healthy Eating Regime - week prior to colonic treatment;


Slice of melon or kiwi, porridge oat flakes made with water, McCambridge brown bread and a glass of water.

Mid-day meal

Vegetable soup made with carrots, broccoli, parsnip and potatoes.(vegetable stock if required) Drink plenty of water

Evening Meal

Fresh white fish, cod, plaice, whiting or organic chicken either steamed or fried in olive oil, vegetables, potatoes or brown rice.


  • 1 Probiotic in the morning (Acidophilus refrigerate)

  • 1 Tablespoon of Golden Linseeds twice a day

  • 1 Evening Primrose 1000mg in the morning

  • 2 Teaspoons of Aloe Vera Juice twice a day (refrigerate)

  • 2 Colon Control capsules twice a day (available from the Clinic)

  • No Dairy Products

  • No Fruit or Sugar

  • No Salt or Pepper

  • No Tea or Coffee

  • No Alcohol

Colombia Organic Coffee For Coffee Implants/Enema

The very last part of the colon, before reaching the rectum, is a “S” shape and called the sigmoid colon. By the time stool gets to this part of the colon, most nutrients have been absorbed back into the bloodstream.

This circulatory system enables toxins to be sent directly to the liver for detoxification. This is crucial because if the body fails to do so, then the toxins can circulate through the rest of the body and all of its vital organs including the brain causing all levels of pain and degeneration.

We use a coffee enema where the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxicant.

It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination.

This seems to free up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream.

How does a coffee enema work and why coffee?

It is the caffeine in coffee that is so therapeutic as it has been found to open up the bile ducts in the liver thereby increasing bile production and flow. Those sensitive to coffee taken orally typically have no problem with a coffee enema. The bypassing of the digestive process and the infusion of coffee rectally only for the purpose of liver stimulation, toxin release and blood cleansing makes all the difference. Absorption of the coffee into the bloodstream is very low when doing a coffee enema.
Helps control out breaks of parasites and candida.

Because of the immense toxic load that results from regular exposure to chemicals in food, water, air and the environment, the body is often unable to fully and effectively eliminate all toxins and maintain homeostasis by itself.
Intestinally, this can result in a gradual build-up of impacted fecal matter, parasites, candida and other toxins. Coffee enemas however effectively alleviate all this by fully irrigating and flushing the colon in such a way as to break up these "nests" of disease and eliminate them from the body.

Benefits of a coffee enema include;

Reduce many types of pain.
Help with depression, confusion and general nervous tension.
Enable clients to get through difficult healing and purification reactions.
Reduces levels of toxicity by up to 600%
Helps ease "die-off" or detox reactions during periods of fasting or juice fasting, cleansing or healing.

A course of colon hydrotherapy  treatments combined with sensible eating allows the body to detox thereby achieving the following positive benefits:

1. Cleansing of the colon and other elimination organs, thereby relieving symptoms associated with toxicity.
2. Exercising of the colon muscles: Because of the continuous inflow of water and subsequent release during the treatment, the body naturally uses the colon muscles to evacuate waste matter, providing a more gentle release. At the same time, the peristalsis (action of the muscles of the colon) is greatly stimulated and this acts as an excellent workout for the colon, therefore providing relief from constipation, spastic colon, atonic colon.
3. Reshaping of the colon: An abnormally shaped colon regains its natural state through the gentle action of the water, coupled with the qualified nurse therapist’s massage techniques.


More specific conditions like bloating linked to period pains and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may also be relieved through colon hydrotherapy.

Children and Constipation

Constipation is very common in children of all ages, especially during potty training or starting school or pre-school.

Constipation is defined by either a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements, or the bowel movements are painful.
Children aged 1-4 years typically have a movement 1-2 times per day. When a child is constipated they may involuntarily soil their underwear. Constipation can begin when there are changes to the child’s diet or routine. On many occasions a child may hold their stools when they have to use unfamiliar toilet facilities.

Once a child has been constipated for several days the stool begins to fill in the large intestine, this prevents the colon from working properly and lead to retaining the stool.


We are successfully helping children with constipation through helping make changes in their diet, and with the use of Abdominal Cupping therapy.

I would highly recommend the ultimate health clinic. I have experienced IBS for a number of years which involved persistent bloating, constipation, feeling sluggish and overall this negatively impacted on how I felt physically and mentally. I have had 4 colonic hydrotherapy treatments to date and the difference it has made so far is unbelievable! I have no bloating, I have regular bowel movements, lots of energy and overall feel great both mentally and physically. If I knew this treatment was available years ago I would not have suffered for so long! I would highly recommend this treatment. Caroline has a wealth of knowledge also and I have learned a lot regarding my diet which I have made changes with and this has also helped me feel better. Caroline and all the staff at the ultimate health clinic are fabulous and so welcoming. Thanks so much for all your help.

Sharon - 02/06/2024

"I cannot recommend Caroline at The Ultimate Health Clinic enough. I started my treatment a few months ago for chronic constipation, and from the very start Caroline was welcoming, friendly and put me at ease straight away. She's not about a quick fix and sending you on your way. She's all about supporting and building back up your gut health as well. She really knows her stuff. I also did a liver clense under her advice and direction. She's very professional and the clinic is absolutely spotless. I'm now gone from chronic constipation to having regular bowel movements daily. My energy has improved and increased as well as my mood. I'm sleeping better and generally just feel healthier and happier. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other treatments she has at the clinic in the future. She's Amazing and I'm recommending her and her colonics to everyone"


I'm an 20 year old female with Spina Bifida. Iv suffered with chronic constipation all my life. Nothing worked that I could rely on not to have accidents or control of my bowels. I started seeing Caroline a few months ago for colonics, and from the start, she was brilliant. I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect. She was really nice and explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable. We did an allergy test and when it came back she was great to recommend alternative foods to those I was intolerant to. There was a lot and with her help and advice she made the transition so much easier. This has made a huge difference to my bowel movements. Meeting Caroline has literally been life changing for me! I'm now going almost daily. In 20 years iv never ever been this regular. Ever! Iv complete control of my bowels. Iv so much more energy and feel lighter and happier in myself. I'm a lot less bloated and cannot believe the difference. I would definitely recommend Caroline to anyone thinking about x

K - 14/04/2024


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