Winter crisp mornings, cosy nights in and warm comfort food

A magical Winter can be created, charmed with healthy warming rituals that support our immune system from the inside out.

Some suggestions below to inspire us to feel our best.

How to Create a Charmed Winter

Create a “Winter ambiance” – put on some soft lighting and add a calming scent to your home. We love simmering a pot of water with some oranges and cinnamon on the stove in the evening after dinner to create a fresh smell.
Get outdoors – We need fresh air to appreciate the warm environment afterwards. Move your body, wrap up in layers and connect with nature. Start slow with 15 – 20 minute walk and add a few stretches to reconnect to your body. Bonus points if you see trees, plants or animals! Notice our surroundings and be in the moment.
Get enough sleep – Give yourself the time for your body to recuperate from the stress of the day. Start 45 minutes before bedtime by putting away devices, turning the lights low. Cosy yourself up and create some positive thoughts before sleep and give yourself some gratitude for staying health and fit.

Eat well and take supplements – warming food warms the soul . Explore warm salads, soups and stews. Ginger and cinnamon tastes amazing and suits the festive season. Complement your diet with supplements to cover any gaps in nutrition you may have. Vitamin A, C and Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C & E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
Social distance vs. physical distance – we know we need to physically be distant. Take moments in your day to have meaningful connections with friends, loved ones and work colleagues. Go old school and write a letter or postcard. Stay connected.

Be at your best, get ready for winter!


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