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How to eat out safely when you have a Food Allergy?

When it comes to dining out, having food allergies shouldn't be a deterrent. 😉


With careful preparation and planning, you can still experience the joys of going out for meals with friends or family members.

Here are some tips for you :

1.) Check their online menu in advance and call the restaurant to ask if they can attend to your dietary needs and restrictions.

2.) Carefully choose a cuisine. Some food triggers are most likely in certain type of cuisines.

3.) Try avoiding peak hours. It's difficult to talk to the restaurant manager or chef during busy hours.

4.) Always be prepared for emergencies. For those with severe food allergy, carry along with you two Epi-pens.

5.) Don't be embarrassed to ask the staff, explain your allergy, or make special requests.

6.) Have information to give out. Some people manage to carry cards to hand out brief explanations.

7.) Go with simple dishes. Simple dishes are often prepared with fewer ingredients.

8.) Lastly, if you have a good dining experience, don't forget to thank the staff and leave a review. They would appreciate it. And, they might remember you – and help you avoid food allergy triggers in the future.

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