Tip for today: One thing we all find embarrassing but sometimes cant be helped FARTING

It is normal to have occasional gas. But continual wind,bloating, and flatulence is not normal.

Junky diets, too much sugar, wheat and dairy may make the problem worse(check out our food intolerance test, brilliant accurate results)

Some solutions:
1.Drink liquids 20-25mins before your meals and one hour after.
2.Eat your dinner early in the day and a small meal in the evening
When you eat late you cant digest your food and won't absorb
nutrients properly.
3. Eat when relaxed and not in a rush!!!
4. Eat slowly and chew your food. Always remember your digestive system starts in your mouth.
5. Digestive enzyme supplement taken 10minuts before each meal
help break down the food.


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