Stressed Out? Three Ideas for Relief

Rare is the day that doesn’t have some stress, at least for most of us. Whether it is meeting school deadlines, keeping family schedules running smoothly, or dealing with an issue at the office, there are usually sources of tension in every day.

Sometimes the tension is good tension: the nervousness before accepting an award or before the start of a race, for example. Other times, stress can leave you irritated or low on energy. Here are three ideas for dealing with non-helpful stress.


If you have 5 minutes: Meditate

Mindful meditation is allowing the mind to set aside conscious thoughts (such as troubling thoughts and worries) to help calm your mind. Examples of meditation techniques include focusing on the inhale/exhale process of breathing, or focusing on the length and depth of each breath. Some meditations use a chant or the mental repetition of a word or phrase.


If you have 15 minutes: Grab a Coloring Book

Adult coloring books offer a predictable, repetitive action that many people find calming. Like meditiation, focusing on coloring can quiet stressful thoughts and allow the mind to bring attention to a neutral task immediately at hand. The artistic outlet of choosing colors and creating a design enhances the pleasure for some people. If coloring isn't your style, you might try other creative handwork, such as jigsaw puzzles, knitting, crocheting or quilting.


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