Shedding Light on Wellness: Far Light Therapy vs. Near Infrared Light

The difference between Far Light Therapy and Near Infrared Light mainly comes from their wavelengths and what they do in the body.

Far Light Therapy uses wavelengths between 400 to 700 nanometers, which are good for working on the skin's surface. This helps with making the skin look better, producing collagen, and dealing with skin issues.

On the other hand, Near Infrared Light uses wavelengths between 700 to 1,400 nanometers. This light can go deeper into tissues. It's great for dealing with muscle discomfort, helping muscles recover after exercise, and easing pain.

Because these lights work differently in the body, it's important to use them in specific ways to get the results you want.

Which light therapy spectrum resonates more with your wellness goals? Are you all about skin rejuvenation with Far Light Therapy or seeking deeper muscle recovery with Near Infrared Light? Share your preference in the comments below!

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