How we can help your child find relief from constipation

Constipation is defined by either a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements, or the bowel movements are painful.

Constipation can begin when there are changes to the child’s diet or routine.

On many occasions a child may hold their stools when they have to use unfamiliar toilet facilities. Once a child has been constipated for several days the stool begins to fill in the large intestine, this prevents the colon from working properly and lead to retaining the stool. When a child is constipated they may involuntarily soil their underwear, this can be a traumatic experience for them. Repeated use of stool softeners or gentle laxatives can lead to a child having a lazy bowel; this alone will lead to future issues. We at Ultimate Health are successfully helping children with constipation through helping make changes in their diet, and with the use of natural therapies. We have successfully gotten dozens of children off the laxative prescriptions and they are now successfully having daily bowel movements. We treat all our young clients with strict confidentiality; we help them understand the importance of their health, no stress, no embarrassment.

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