Healthy Eating

For effective weight loss it's best to avoid fad diets. These diets can make promises of fast and easy weight loss and often involve eliminating certain food groups which is a really unhealthy way to lose weight.

Don't starve yourself; try to eat regular meals and snacks. The worst food choices are made when we're hungry; you know what it's like when you go food shopping on an empty stomach, that's when the basket gets filled with snacks and treats.

Don't cut out all the food you enjoy, you can still have the occasional treat. You could still eat favourite foods and drinks by choosing healthier options such as switching from whole milk to low fat or slimline milk.

Stock up on "impulse foods" like grapes, small apples, small bananas, and rice cakes to have in the house, car or at your desk. These foods are easy to eat without much hassle.
The best goals are specific, measureable and attainable; eating five servings of fruit and vegetables is better than a vague goal of just eating more fruit and vegetables.

Try using smaller plates, bowls and glasses...using smaller versions will help you eat less food it's easy.
We know that it can be hard but try to reduce 'liquid calories' like sugary drinks & alcohol. Liven up the taste of water by adding lemon.

Being active is important in maintaining a healthy weight use a pedometer and increase the number of steps you take each day.

A Food Intolerance Test will tell what foods don't suit you...Its a simple blood sample from your finger ...Give The Clinic a Call to make a booking. Any Foods you have an issue with...we will give you an Alternative List or We can also do a diet plan which caters for your lifestyle...061 315785


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