From baby steps to power moves

Breathing new life into the world of postpartum recovery, our Ultimate Pelvic Throne emerges as a game-changing treatment for new moms seeking to conquer their journey from baby steps to power moves.

This technology gracefully transforms the lives of women grappling with weakened pelvic floor muscles after giving birth.

Imagine sitting on a comfortable chair, fully clothed, while powerful electromagnetic energy penetrates deep into your pelvic floor muscles. Yes, that's right – no invasive procedures or downtime required! Our Ultimate Pelvic Throne effortlessly strengthens the weakened muscles in this crucial area without you even breaking a sweat. As it targets the root cause of urinary incontinence and weakened pelvic floor, it helps you regain control over your body like never before.

Ready to strengthen your pelvic floor and regain confidence after childbirth? Tag a fellow mom who would love to try the Ultimate Pelvic Throne!

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