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Review of ultimate health


So I’m well out the other side of the 3 week challenge over all the experience was fantastic. I couldn’t believe the amount of support I received From the very start I felt supported. Prior to doing this challenge I was feeling very demotivated I had piled up the pounds very fast and was not exercising as much as I used to before. I had completely ‘fallen off the band wagon’ as they say. After starting the programme within days I began feeling more energized and while I was on low calories I was feeling full of energy and I was not feeling hungry ( this surprised me because I would generally crave sweets and all that bad stuff) I found myself not craving this and would have fruit instead. I think the HCG drops were the magic behind this. I am continuing to use them because I believe they are so good to help curb cravings. Since finishing the Program am exercising more than before felling energetic in the evenings and much more motivated to keep going it’s amazing what can be achieved in a few days. It’s not about just changing the physical aspects but the mind set. I have to say my mind set is much more positive towards weight loss it’s more about feeling good and feeding your body and mind ‘good stuff’. I have holidays booked for June and will keep the principles I learned about detoxing the body to help support me going forward. I have lost 20Ibs in 3 weeks

The Programme consisted of:
✅ Full HCG diet plan
✅ Recipies to follow
✅ Food intolerance testing
✅ Weekly colonic hydrotherapy sessions
✅ weekly weigh in’s
✅ 2 sessions weekly of Oxygen Therapy,can't believe how much my metabolism has improved..I now believe the saying "energy makes energy"
✅Weekly inspiration and motivational quotes from the lovely Caroline Danaher ( this was great to keep me focused)
I have to say it doesn’t end there the mind set I am in now about food eating healthy and catching a balance will stay with me going forward, what’s great about the clinic is that they will always be there to support if you need it. Couldn’t thank Carolinel enough. If you are feeling how I was feeling a month ago go in and chat to Ultimate Health could be on a path to something new too.
See ye Soon S xx


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