Oxygen Therapy

Health consultations and learning how to maintain our optimum health is essential, especially in todays world. If you find you have no energy, no ‘get and go’ – then Ultimate Health Clinic have just the solution. Caroline has researched this therapy for years and has seen first hand outstanding results and the huge list of benefits it has on a persons health.

This therapy, is like gold dust and can build your immune system and create resilience. It has endless benefits and makes perfect sense. And its main component is OXYGEN and who doesn’t need that?

EWOT is "Exercise With Oxygen Training" which is exactly as it sounds. You breathe oxygen while you exercise on a stationary bicycle for fifteen minutes. Its really not difficult. And German Researchers have proved in the 1970's that this has endless benefits. Longevity Resources Inc. introduced EWOT into North America in 2001 and remain the leader in EWOT equipment. Ultimate Health Clinic is proud to bring this therapy to everyone throughput Ireland, young and old.
Exercising for a few minutes with oxygen is a technique that offers therapeutic results. Basically, the higher levels of oxygen in the lungs creates a greater head of pressure to drive oxygen into the pulmonary capillaries. The exercise moves the circulation faster ensuring a greater oxygen carriage throughout the body. Initally, the oxygen pressure in the veins rises, as more oxygen is getting through but it is the oxygen that allows the capillaries to repair their oxygen transfer mechanism. Getting more oxygen is always a good idea.
Benefits of using OXYGEN:
 * Stimulate Brain Activity
 * Increase memory capacity
 * Boost concentration
 * Develop Stronger Alertness
 * Raise Energy Levels
 * Improve Strength
 * Build Endurance
 * Detox your blood
 * Reduce Stress
 * Calm Anxiety
 * Alleviate tension headaches
 * Remedy irregular sleeping patterns
 * Help with cardiovascular activity
 * Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up
 * Strengthen the Immune System

With this oxygen therapy, your cells will be flooded with oxygen and create energy to give the physiological process the chance to heal. Oxygen is all around us and we cannot live without it but hardly anyone gets enough.

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