Emsella vs. Traditional Kegel Exercises – Which one should you choose?

Say hello to the future of pelvic floor fitness! Emsella uses cutting-edge electromagnetic technology to effortlessly stimulate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Just sit on the Emsella chair, and it does the rest – you can multitask while it works its magic!

Traditional Kegel Exercises:
Good old Kegels require dedication and practice. You have to remember to do them regularly and correctly. It's a DIY approach that, when done right, can be effective. But it's easy to forget, and the results take time.

The Difference:
Emsella offers a faster, more convenient, and highly effective solution. You can experience remarkable improvements in pelvic strength and bladder control in a few short sessions. It's the modern way to care for your pelvic health!

So, the choice is yours, but we know what we'd pick!

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