Back to school

Back to school is a busy time for all of us, it is especially busy for our children getting used to a routine again after the summer break. Your child may ignore the urge to have a bowel movement because he / she is afraid of using the toilet in school, or doesn't want to leave playtime.

Any changes in your child's routine can affect bowel function. Children are also more likely to experience constipation when they first start school outside of the home. Some children withhold when they're away from home because they're uncomfortable using public toilets.
Painful bowel movements caused by large, hard stools also may lead to withholding. If it hurts to poop, your child may try to avoid a repeat of the distressing experience.

An allergy to cow's milk or consuming too many dairy products sometimes leads to constipation, therefore it is important to keep this in mind when packing school lunches.

We can help with these issues through treating children with constipation, or assist in changing their diet. 061 315 785


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