5 Common Assumptions of Colonic Hydrotherapy

5 Common Assumptions of Colonic Hydrotherapy

There are many assumptions about colonic hydrotherapy, and today, we're going to address 5 of the most common ones.

Here are 5 Common Assumptions of Colonic Hydrotherapy:

Colonic hydrotherapy hurts.
No it doesn’t. Colonic hydrotherapy is done gently.
Colon hydrotherapy is embarrassing.
You must not feel this way because at Ultimate Health Clinic, our colonics are offered with utmost discretion, without judgement.
I’ll be naked, and you’ll see everything.
Of course, you won't. Rest assured that your modesty will be protected and respected at all times during your treatment.
Colonics removes stuff that’s been stuck in your gut for years.
No. Our colonic hydrotherapy treatment can clean out impacted waste, but only from recent days, not from your early childhood.
Colonics are only for people who are constipated.
Colonic hydrotherapy is a great treatment for constipation, but there are other health benefits this treatment can offer. (example: helps with skin problems, weight loss, better sleep)
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