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Delighted to Bring Core to Floor to Ultimate Health Clinic.

Book a Course Of 6 Treatments of the Emsella Chair & Bodyscuplt We have a Special Offer of โ‚ฌ950.Which is โ‚ฌ79 For both Treatments together (The Cost Should be โ‚ฌ1430) .We'll done to Sarah McTernan for looking after her body

Results from the Very First Core Session Say Goodbye to Urinary Incontinence Strengthen Pelvic Floor Repair Abdominal Separation Regain Muscle Strength Newfound Confidence Give the Clinic a Call 061 315785 #ultimatehealthclinic #coretofloor #wellbeing #LimerickAbu #muscletoning #incontinence #corestrength


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